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How can I help you?

“I offer a variety of services, from individual to group sessions, all based on the same foundation: Moving from your inner flow to achieve your best version. Based on my experience and knowledge of the ancestral traditional practice of Macrobiotics diet, which is rooted in the concepts of yin and yang, and in line with to the latest scientific discoveries, recognizing the body as an integrated system, I will guide, teach, and support you in achieving the following results:

  • Feel more vitality and energy to pursue your heart’s desires;
  • Make your immune system stronger to avoid sickness;
  • Feel satisfied and light after meals and forget the heaviness after a big meal;
  • Gain more mental clarity to pursue your purpose and goals in life more clearly;
  • Establish a deep connection with your body to understand yourself better;
  • Eliminate anxiety and desperation for food and connect with your real needs;
  • Lose or gain weight, if desired;
  • Improve aspects of your health such as the quality of your sleep, the appearance of your skin, hair, and face, menstrual pain, etc.”

How does it work?

“I offer a variety of services, from individual to group sessions, all based on the same foundation: Moving from your inner flow to achieve your best version  is the ultimate goal.”

  • “I dedicate my full attention to you and listen from the heart;
  • Through my acquired knowledge studying and practicing  Macrobiotic diet for years, my ancestral knowledge from North Africa passed through family lineage along with the latest scientific advancements in body integrity, I help you reconstruct a balanced diet that responds to your condition and needs; 
  • With my personalized method born from inspiration and experience, I help you gradually improve your diet with enthusiasm and without suffering;
  • You will gain the knowledge that will allow you to manage your nutrition by identifying what your body needs and evaluating your current state;
  • I teach you how to apply a healthy lifestyle in a fast-paced world like the one we live in today.”

What is Macrobiotic about?

Macrobiotics, in simplified terms, is a philosophy and lifestyle that invites us to live in harmony with nature and the flow of life. It has its origins in Oriental medicine and Taoism. It was originated in Japan by its founder Jorge Oshawa.

The macrobiotic diet is a system of eating that helps us achieve balance between the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our being. Over the years, it has demonstrated the ability to prevent and resolve situations related to physical dysfunction, which in turn influences the mental and emotional well-being. It is based on principles such as Yin and Yang, the five elements, vital energy (Qi), and so on.


I can help you move to an appropriate balanced diet customized to your specific conditions
I will work with you over a period of time and aim to help you adjust the macrobiotic diet to suit your current needs most effectively.

Designed for individuals interested in detoxifying their bodies, primarily focusing on gut health. This 21-day program provides support, including recipes, daily follow-up, and addressing all your questions to ensure a profound experience.

I provide online and in-person sessions where I teach and introduce you to valuable healthy knowledge and strategies that will enable you to achieve a fulfilling life in today's modern society.

I can also assist you with your catering needs for retreats and events, offering vegan and vegetarian food infused with Moroccan flavors and incorporating macrobiotic elements.


I was struggling with heartburn almost three years and I changed all sorts of diets and nothing.I was searching a lot of different ways to prepare food until I came across Hana’s workshop. I gave it a try and here I am today, eating this faboulous food without having any problem. I never thought about putting all the nutritions together on one plate like macrobiotic diet does. I was amazed with it. My favourite so far is the miso soup, can’t get enough of it. She inroduced me with a lot of new stuff, like kimchi, why I should soak the beans one night before and with what, which food I should eat in winter and which in summer, what kind of energy will we take to our body. I am so grateful for this and Thank you Hanae for teaching me and introducing me to this energetic food
Emina mešic
Hola:) soy dolça y el año pasado por primera vez viví la experiencia de la nutrición macrobiotica, siempre estaba con molestias abdominales i dolores a la hora de ir al baño. Después de 40 dias siguiendo los pasos de hanae esto cambió cuesta llevar este tipo de dieta sin un guia, però con conciencia y ganas todo se hace. Actualmente adapto sus recomendaciones a mi dia a dia y la verdad que soy, estoy y me siento bien y feliz.
Dolça Muriscot
A finales de verano del año pasado decidimos empezar la dieta macrobiótica propuesta por Hanae con el objetivo de hacer una limpieza después de los excesos del verano. Teníamos sensación de estar limpios por dentro sino también sentirse ligeros después de cada comida y nada de sensación pesadez como antes. Y otra cosa que me ha encantado es la oportunidad de saborear la mezcla de los alimentos. A raíz de esta experiencia con un resultado más que satisfactorio decidimos integrar la dieta aunque no sea al 100% y la verdad que se agradece sobre todo después de los excesos de comida que se hacen a menudo.
Antonio Torres